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10 Reasons why...

... HRM Toolshop can make you a happy customer!

  1. We follow the latest HR Trends internationally 
    We do that through networking, studies ... and our daily work in organizations. Based on that knowledge and experience, we define what kind of HR Tools need more focus given the organizational and related HR challenges.

  2. All HR Tools & Templates can be fully edited and customized to your needs
    You may decide to add logos, change formats ... and as such create in a very efficient and effective way a whole set of consistent and integrated documents.

  3. The average price of each HR Toolkit is lower than ½ day of a senior HR consultant
    Working with highly experienced HR consultants is a great way to get things designed for your company. However the cost price becomes more and more a major budgetary constraint.Furthermore, the aspect of implementation and knowledge capture once the consultants have left the building is often a painful lesson learned at the end of a project. With our Toolkits, your Knowledge and Document Management is assured since you have everything documented. 

  4. All Tools & Templates are applicable across industries and locations
    All our HRM Toolshop designers have an international background across various industries. As a result, they understand what kind of practices can be considered generic and what requires a more local specific approach. This knowledge has been applied as an important design principle for developing all of our Products. Sometimes local legal reviews will be required to meet specific compliance or cultural requirements.

  5. Our How-to Guides and Manuals serve as your own Do-It-Yourself kits
    They guide you through recognizable and non-complex steps. We also share some theory and project experiences with you. In this way you don’t need to spend time looking for relevant sources, check references, read books and articles and then translate all that theoretical knowledge into real-life. We, experienced senior HR people, have done that for you, and we keep updating where appropriate. So that you have more time to focus on the people side of business and partner with your Management Team.

  6. For HR Professionals, as well as for Business Managers with no HR background 
    Many non-HR professionals, such as Business Owners, General Managers,  IT-consultants ... might feel hesitant in applying HR Tools & Templates. 
    They shouldn’t! Human Resources Management is a very broad area with many different subjects that integrate with a lot of different Functions in the organization and impact People everywhere. HRM is considered to be a shared management responsibility, so if you feel – as a non-HR professional- that you could contribute and need some supportive tools- we invite you to browse the HRM Toolshop. You will find easy-to-comprehend HR Tools. Together with the underlying How-To Guides, you will find your way in setting up and running your HR-related projects.

  7. The HRM Toolshop is a dynamic HR knowledge platform
    Based on our own HR experiences and future expectations of the HR challenges, we keep on developing new Tools and reviewing our existing ones as an ongoing responsibility!

  8. Our Toolkits help you further enhance your HR competencies 
    When you buy one of our HR Toolkit, you are not just buying a stand-alone product. Within one HR Toolkit, all Tools are connected as part of a process. Running through the methodology of such a Toolkit will further enhance your competencies in that HR subject. Some customers also use these toolkits as a Competency Development Tool for their own HR Teams!

  9. Each Toolkit contains a pragmatic approach based on specific HR models & theories
    One of the strengths of the HRM Toolshop is the fact that we don’t just offer HR Documents that summarize theoretical concepts and models. Yes, we do apply specific models, but we have translated them into more comprehensive and pragmatic ways of doing HR. On top of that, we added loads of field experience: what has proven to work and what never seems to take off.

  10. A Passion for HR
    All of our HRM Toolshop designers are People with a Passion for HR. Like you, they want to make a difference through HR within their organization or with their clients: by contributing to the Bottom-line, creating Highly Engaged Employees together with the Management Team, advising about structural changes or HR Compliance... They rely on their theoretical knowledge and education, but build real HR Competencies through their daily experiences with People, People and People.

These 10 Reasons WHY are what makes the HRM Toolshop a great place for HR and other Business Professionals looking for professional HR Tools & Templates.

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