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This HR Skill will make you wanted in 2019 and beyond!

This HR Skill will make you wanted in 2019 and beyond!

by Anne Van de Catsye |

This HR Skill will make you wanted in 2019 and beyond!

The era of long term development plans is definitely over: if you really wanna become successful it is all about being focused and being disciplined in making that first next step in your growth path.

Gone are the long lists of competency gaps and learning objectives, hurray to the specific behaviour you gonna become a Hero at! With courage and discipline you repeat your new behavioural skill on a daily basis for at least 200 days … guaranteed impact assured!

This is not a new trend in learning & development space. For years, athletes and top business men have demonstrated this very impactful way of learning: you focus, you visualise, you stay disciplined and you do not give up in learning your new skill. And this every day, for one year to make it yours.

Now … if this learning approach will make you a highly competent HR professional, what skill to focus on these days? In other words: what HR competency will have the most impact and make you stand out in what you do?!

It’s all about COACHING. This is the skill to master if you really want to connect with people and help them to perform at a higher level. The business impact of coaching leaders in their people management competency for instance is huge, as already demonstrated by many organisations. But also helping business people identify that one behaviour change that will make them from good to great, that is where you can really bring added value as an HR partner. Learning & Development never has been such an exciting space to be part of: we invite every HR professional to enter the coaching arena and grow the company from this place!

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