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Recruitment & Selection Toolkit

Recruitment & Selection Toolkit

  • A step-by-step approach to recruit and select new employees including templates such as an Interview Questionnaire, a Recruitment & Selection Manual for Hiring Managers, Pre-Employment Checklists, …
  • An explanation of each step and links with the required key tools and templates.
  • Ready-to-use questionnaires, worksheets and templates are included (MS Office formats)
  • All the toolkit documents in one zip folder that you can download, customize and re-use as often as you want/need
  • All documentation is provided in English (US)
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  • When to use?
    • As a business manager you need some practical guidance and documents to help you find new employees for your growing company
    • Your client wants to professionalize their recruitment & selection processes
    • You are a self-made recruiter and would like to have some best practice examples of recruitment & selection documents
    • ...
  • Content table
    1. RECRUITMENT & SELECTION HOW TO GUIDE: This Guide helps you step by step to use the tools and templates of the recruitment and selection toolkit
    2. Recruitment & Selection Manual for Hiring Managers: Helps hiring managers understand and carry out in a professional manner their role in the recruitment & selection process
    3. Vacancy Request Form: Helps the hiring manager to detail some general information on the vacancy and to define the motivation for the vacancy request
    4. Job Description & Job Profile Form: Help you to describe the job for which the vacancy will be opened: responsibilities, key success factors, purpose, ...and the profile required to perform the job successfully
    5. Search Approach Guidelines: Serves as a manual for the recruitment officer for preparing & conducting a search approach meeting with the hiring manager, in order to determine the appropriate search approach
    6. Search Approach Template: Enlists all aspects to be discussed and decided in the Search Approach Meeting and can be used as a checklist during the meeting to indicate the choices that were made (e.g. recruitment medium, assessment tools, …)
    7. Responding to Applications Templates: Template emails to reply to candidates' applications
    8. CV-based Shortlist: Template for sending a shortlist of candidates to the hiring manager, based on a screening of the relevant CVs
    9. Vacancy Update Report: Template for presenting a status update on all relevant vacancies to a hiring manager
    10. Interview Questionnaire: Presents a list of interview questions that you can choose from in order to zoom in on specific competencies
    11. Interview Template: Guides you through the different steps of a selection interview and helps you conduct the interview in a standardized and structured manner
    12. Interview Shortlist Report: Template for sending a shortlist of candidates to the Hiring Manager, based on the interviews held
    13. Employment Recommendation: Template to be completed by HR when the appropriate candidate is found and to be sent to the relevant managers for their approval to hire this candidate
    14. Reference Request Form: Template to request for a professional & personal reference
    15. End of negotiation Letters: Template letters for a Job Offer, for withdrawing a Job Offer and for confirming the end of negotiations
    16. Pre-Employment Checklists: New hire pre-employment checklists to help HR, ICT, Facilities and the line manager to prepare for the new employee's arrival
  • Benefits
    • A professional recruitment & selection approach helps to improve your company's positive image
    • Saves you time and money by offering you pragmatic support to reach a pool of candidates and select the most appropriate candidate
    • Helps your line managers to feel more comfortable with their role in the selection process
    • Helps you to improve your recruitment skills and increases your credibility with your internal clients
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Recruitment & Selection Toolkit
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Recruitment & Selection Toolkit

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