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Onboarding & Orientation Toolkit

Onboarding & Orientation Toolkit

  • A clear overview of all the steps to on-board new employees and ensure their successful integration, including templates such as an Onboarding Manual for Line Managers, an Onboarding Day Program, a First Impression Interview, ...
  • An explanation of each step and links with the required key tools and templates.
  • Ready-to-use questionnaires, worksheets and templates are included (MS Office formats)
  • All the toolkit documents in one zip folder that you can download, customize and re-use as often as you want/need
  • All documentation is provided in English (US)
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  • When to use?
    • You want to offer your line managers a consistent on-boarding approach and pragmatic on-boarding documents, instead of leaving the on-boarding of new hires in your Company to the Hiring Managers’ inspiration of the day
    • You want to help one of your clients in professionalizing their on-boarding process by offering them practical and effective on-boarding & orientation tools
    • You are looking for best practices to ensure a successful integration of new employees in your company
    • ...
  • Content table
    1. ON-BOARDING & ORIENTATION HOW TO GUIDE: This Guide describes step by step how to organize the induction of new hires and helps you to use the forms and templates of the On-boarding & Orientation Toolkit
    2. HR On-boarding Checklist: Checklist to help HR prepare the new hire's on-boarding and orientation program
    3. Pre-Employment Checklists: New Hire pre-employment checklists to help payroll, Facilities, ICT and the line manager to prepare for the new employee's arrival
    4. On-boarding Manual for Line Managers: Helps Line Managers to understand and carry out in a professional manner the company's on-boarding & orientation process
    5. On-boarding Manual for Mentors: Sets out he Mentor's role in each of the defined on-boarding & orientation process stages
    6. On-boarding Letter: Template Letter to be sent to the new hire with information on the company's on-boarding program
    7. On-boarding Day Program: Program of the new hire's first working day, can be sent to the new hire together with the on-boarding letter
    8. Orientation Brochure: Template setting out key information on the company to increase the employee's understanding of the business and facilitate his/her integration 
    9. Company Orientation Day: Slide deck to conduct a Company Orientation Day offering the new hire further information on the Company
    10. First Impression Interview: Template to conduct a first impression interview with a new hire in a structured and standardized manner

  • Benefits
    • A professional and consistent on-boarding & orientation approach helps to improve your company's positive image
    • Saves you time and money by making the integration of new employees run more smoothly, instead of having to re-invent the wheel each time a new hire arrives
    • Helps your line managers to feel more comfortable with their role in the on-boarding & orientation process
    • A clear on-boarding approach with professional and pragmatic induction documents helps to increase your credibility with your internal clients
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Onboarding & Orientation Toolkit
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Onboarding & Orientation Toolkit

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