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HRM Strategy Toolkit

HRM Strategy Toolkit

  • 4 easy steps to build your own HRM Strategy with ready-to-use questionnaires, worksheets and templates, such as a Business Review Questionnaire, an HRM Strategy Template, …
  • A comprehensive HOW TO Guide with a clear overview of all steps to complete your own HR Strategy
  • An explanation of each step and links with the required key tools and templates for building your HR plans
  • Ready-to-use questionnaires, worksheets and templates are included (MS Office formats)
  • Some background theory and best practice concepts and models related to HRM Strategy
  • All toolkit documents in one zip folder that you can download, customize and re-use as often as you want/need
  • All documentation is provided in English (US)
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  • When to use?
    • Your organization is in need of a long term strategy for managing HR
    • Your CEO challenges you to come up with a long term HR plan that supports the business plans
    • You have a strong strategic HR plan in your head but you don’t know how to formalize it
  • Content table
    1. HRM STRATEGY HOW TO GUIDE: This Manual explains in detail the 4 major steps in the whole process of defining and implementing your own HRM Strategy
    2. HR Business Review - Questionnaire: serves as a framework for conducting face-to-face interviews with business leaders about the HR challenges and HR business needs deriving from future business plans
    3. HR Business Review - Reporting Template: helps you to report, in a professional way, on the key findings of your HR Business Review interviews
    4. Future HR Trends Analysis - Worksheet: helps you to capture all important data you collected about future HRM trends and competitors in a structured way
    5. Organization Review - Questionnaire & Reporting Template: consists of a comprehensive questionnaire to assess the current state of any organization, together with the required template for summarizing and presenting your key findings
    6. Voice of the Employee Survey - Questionnaire: can be distributed throughout the organization in order to measure how staff assesses different company and HR subjects, as part of any Employee Engagement or Change Management project
    7. Voice of the Employee Survey - Reporting Template: helps you to report on the key findings of your Employee Survey, in a professional way
    8. HRM Gap Analysis - Worksheet: collects all the important data from the first phase of your HRM Strategy Design into one workbook, and then summarizes the key findings with a link to HR solutions in a final overview
    9. HR Business Prioritization Workshop - Template: these slides can be used to prepare and run any management workshop for detecting HR needs in the business and plan for the necessary HRM projects and actions
    10. Strategic HRM Priority Mapping - Worksheet: the ideal instrument for mapping critical HR actions and proposed solutions with HR business needs as prioritized during workshops. It also captures the expected outcomes and benefits for each proposed HRM solution
    11. Strategic HRM 5-yr Action Plan - Worksheet: helps you to scope and plan carefully all strategic HRM activities per generic HRM area
    12. Strategic HRM Dashboard - Reporting Template: helps you to measure and report on your strategic HRM activities to different audiences
    13. HRM Strategy Document - Template: can be used as the backbone in writing your HRM Strategy
    14. HR Department Strategic Plan - Template: can be used to formulate an annual plan for your HR department
  • Benefits

    A long term strategic HR direction in line with the business plans:

    • will support the realization of the business plans, create motivation amongst the HR team and build engagement with staff.
    • helps you to become a strategic HR Business Partner, and will increase your credibility with Senior Management.
    • helps you to follow-up on defined HR actions and report on progress in a highly professional way.
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HRM Strategy Toolkit
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HRM Strategy Toolkit

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