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5 Tips for making your HR Strategy work

5 Tips for making your HR Strategy work

by Anne Van de Catsye |


Take time to prioritize those HR initiatives that address critical business and organizational needs. Consider the Implementation Effort vs its Business Impact. Check what is feasible within budget restrictions. Agree on your top HR plans in a workshop with the business and with all your key HR functions involved. Remember: Less is More!


Make sure that your HR strategy covers all key HR functions in an integrated way. Analyze the links between different HR projects: talent mgt initiatives do impact your Engagement actions …


Ensure that the Business supports your HR Strategy: involve them during the different stages before your HR strategy is ready for execution.
Market your HR Strategy once it has been confirmed: it’s a great engagement tool if delivered properly. Make sure the organization is ready for your HR plans: take a step-by-step approach and only propose what people need and can understand.


Translate your strategic HR outcomes in concrete action plans. Besides explaining what you aim to achieve in a thorough HR strategic document, foresee per key action measurable plans. Ideally build these plans together with your HR teams.


Having a set of great HR Strategy measures defined from the beginning, allows you to report on your progress and impact as an HR function. By doing this, you will be able to demonstrate your Added Value back to the Business!

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