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An HRM Toolshop Case on People Performance Management (PPM)

An HRM Toolshop Case on People Performance Management (PPM)

by Anne Van de Catsye |

Case: Design your own People Performance Management (PPM)

One of our HR Consultants was contracted to set up a motivating yet simple system for managing the performance of the staff. The organization was relatively small but with various types of functions and locations spread all over Europe. To start the project, representatives were identified for each key functional area, such as Operations, Commercial, Support Functions, Development. These representatives formed a taskforce together with HR. This taskforce assessed the current way how people were being managed, and identified relevant challenges and concerns for any Performance Management approach to be implemented in the company. Together they defined the scope and desired outcomes of their ideal performance management system. Based on the taskforce recommendations, our Consultant proposed three different options. These options were presented to the Business Top Management with clear pros and cons. Two options were tested in different crossfunctional Pilot Groups: one for Management Functions and another for Admin Functions. Eventually two different systems were fully implemented for these populations with a lot of communication, focus groups and training for both managers and staff.

Project Approach: 4 Steps

A. Define Scope & Purpose of the Performance Management Project

B. Analyze different Options with a Companywide Taskforce

C. Select Options and Pilot with the Business Management

D. Plan roll-out with solid change management plan and define measures to monitor and fine-tune

Duration: 12weeks

Tools: Benchmark Data, Change Mgt Templates, PM Forms and Templates, Focus Group Slides

Lessons we learned

  1. From the beginning, make sure this is a shared business-HR project
  2. Choose your Pilot wisely: preferably mix some senior resistant people with young dynamic high potentials
  3. No fewer than 3 options with clear indication of the pros and cons for your company fit and success probability
  4. Spend no more than half a day on the design of the form

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