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6 Tips for making new employees feel welcome and integrating them successfully

6 Tips for making new employees feel welcome and integrating them successfully

by Tania De Bock |

Take one minute to read these HR Tips and make new employees feel welcome in your Company:

1. It all starts with a professional closure of the selection process: at the end of the contracting phase, provide the employee with all practical information regarding the first working day, the necessary contact details (HR, line manager, ...), the required paperwork (insurance, work regulations, ...) and make sure the employee knows what is expected from him/her before and/or by the first working day. Send the new hire an on-boarding letter at least a week before the first working day to welcome him/her and to remind the employee of the essential practical info regarding the first working week.

2. IT & Logistics must be ready: nothing worse than letting the employee start in an office without name plate, no computer access, no access badge, .... Inform IT & Logistics on time to make sure that they have sufficient time and the necessary information to prepare for the employee's arrival.

3. Inform all parties involved: Make sure ALL parties involved are aware of the new hire's arrival. That means direct colleagues, internal clients, external clients, line manager(s), ...

4. The essential first day: Ensure that the line manager foresees sufficient time in his/her agenda to welcome the new employee on his/her first day and that the employee's mentor is available as well. It is always nice to plan a lunch together with the colleagues on the new employee's first day or during the first week.

5. And this is only the beginning: Plan key moments in the employee's on-boarding period, such as on-boarding training, sparring moments with the mentor, the welcome lunch, a 'first impression meeting' with HR, ...

6. To ensure nothing is forgotten from the list above: USE AN ONBOARDING CHECKLIST! A comprehensive On-Boarding Policy & Procedure will help as well to guarantee that the on-boarding of your new employee runs smoothly!

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