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10 purposes of Change Management

10 purposes of Change Management

by Tania De Bock |

Take one minute to read the following 10 aims of Change Management and convince your management of the need of a Change Management strategy & plan:

  1. Ensuring that all management is involved in and committed to the change
  2. Helping to change the culture of the organisation to one which embraces and seeks change
  3. Creating and communicating a personal need for change instead of mere business needs
  4. Ensuring that potential benefits are visible across all stakeholder groups
  5. Involving employees through a period of change and potential uncertainty
  6. Managing the sensitive/political issues that stem from change-related HR actions (e.g. reducing headcount)
  7. Managing the migration of people into new roles to the highest standards of fairness and objectivity
  8. Providing tangible initiatives that really address motivational issues of staff impacted by change
  9. Ensuring an aligned organization design process through adequate organization structure, corporate governance rules, and clear responsibilities
  10. Ensuring that the right competencies are in place to manage the defined processes and actions at different levels of the organization by using training and development and appropriate talent management solutions (rotation, talent reviews, …).
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