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An HRM Toolshop Case: Implementing a professional Recruitment & Selection Approach

An HRM Toolshop Case: Implementing a professional Recruitment & Selection Approach

by Tania De Bock |

HRM Toolshop Case: Implementing a professional Recruitment & Selection Approach in a fast-growing medium-sized Company

Last year, we were asked by a successful company specialized in Finance and Accounting to help them improve their recruitment & selection process. They were expanding rapidly and expected quite a few retirement exits in a single period. As a result, they had to recruit and hire a lot of new talent, juniors as well as seasoned professionals in the next few years (approximately 100 new recruits over a period of 3 years!). Their current recruitment and selection approach seemed not sufficiently clear, structured and formalized to cope with the new hiring demands. Our client asked us to support them to design a professional recruitment and selection approach which would help them 1) to reach a pool of suitable candidates and select the most appropriate candidate, 2) to make their line managers feel more comfortable with their role in the selection process and 3) to improve the recruitment skills of the HR team and hence increase their credibility with their internal clients. One of our freelancers was appointed as project leader and managed a project team of 4 internal HR & business people.

Our approach: 

  1. Analyse the As Is Situation, including a SWOT analysis of the existing recruitment & selection approach
  2. Define desired outcomes together with the internal stakeholders which resulted in the key principles of the new R&S approach as well as a brief list of top priorities to focus on
  3. Design the R&S process taking into account the desired outcomes and best practices
  4. Roll-out the new R&S process, including a clear communication to all internal (and external) stakeholders

Duration: 10w

Tools: Project Management Toolkit, Recruitment & Selection Toolkit, Hiring & On-Boarding Policies

Lessons Learned:

  • In order to understand the concerns and needs of Line Managers in the hiring process, it is essential to involve them in the design of the R&S process.
  • To avoid resistance from the current recruiters, who have been using the existing recruitment approach & tools for years, create a sense of urgency, make sure they understand the need for change and that they have the opportunity to voice their questions, concerns, suggestions, ...
  • Think of your external recruitment partners as well: make sure they are involved where appropriate or at least informed about the intended changes.
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