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An HRM Toolshop Case: 3 forgotten benefits of HR Policies (at least!)

An HRM Toolshop Case: 3 forgotten benefits of HR Policies (at least!)

by Tania De Bock |

'Policies! Why do we need policies? A lot of paper, no added value and plenty of wasted time and money!', one of our clients argued. A couple of days before, a discussion had arisen between a business manager and HR regarding the potential promotion of an employee. The business manager had made some promises to the employee, and now HR had to break the news that this was not the right way to do it...

Our freelance JIVE consultant, who was working for the company as an HR officer, had carefully suggested to the HR Manager to put the unwritten HR rules and guidelines in formal policies in order to bring clarity and consistency in the company. Fortunately, after a second attempt, the HR Manager was willing to listen and, after a brief discussion, he was convinced that HR as well as the rest of the business would benefit from the introduction of clear HR Policies.

Together with the client, we designed and implemented policies on hiring & on-boarding, performance & development, promotion, leave management, termination of employment. The policies that are yet to be drafted are the ones on discipline, grievance and harassment.

The benefits that convinced the HR Manager:
1) Clear HR Policies help all parties involved in the company to understand their role, from employee, to line manager, HR, and executives, ...
2) Well documented and standardized HR policies and practices increase employees' confidence in the HR function and therefore in their company
3) A comprehensive policy framework ensures clarity and consistency throughout the company in terms of HR rules and practices

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