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Employee Relations Policies

Employee Relations Policies

  • Offers pragmatic HR Policies regarding disciplinary and grievance management, harassment and termination of employment
  • All relevant forms and templates are included (MS Office formats), ready to be implemented when needed
  • All Employee Relations Policies in one zip folder that you can download, customize and re-use as often as you want/need
  • All documentation is provided in English (US)
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  • When to use?
    • Your client needs support in clarifying the roles of everyone involved in disciplinary management
    • You want to clarify and document the more delicate and sensitive HR matters, such as termination of employment, grievance management, ... in your Company
    • You are looking for a coherent set of best practice HR policies, instead of working with stand-alone policies in different styles & formats
    • ...
  • Content table
    • Leave Management Policy: Sets out the various types of approved leave that may be granted within the company, as well as roles and responsibilities of all parties involved
    • Leave Management Forms: A set of 9 documents to help you implement the Leave Management Policy (e.g. a memo for employees re the planning of annual leave, an annual leave forecast, leave request forms, …
    • Disciplinary Policy: Describes the key principles in handling disciplinary issues arising from shortfalls in conduct and/or performance
    • Disciplinary Forms: Set of 7 documents to implement the Disciplinary Policy (including a Manual for Line Managers, disciplinary meeting template, …)
    • Grievance Policy: Sets out the key principles in bringing complaints concerning work and well-being to the attention of the company and for such complaints to be resolved as fairly and as quickly as possible
    • Grievance Forms: Template for filing a grievance and a template for the grievance meetings
    • Harassment Policy: Describes the key steps of the informal and formal processes for raising and handling complaints
    • Termination of employment Policy: Describes the key principles in managing termination of employment
    • Termination of employment Forms: Set of 7 documents to help you implement the Termination of Employment Policy (e.g. Manual for the Line Manager, exit questionnaire, …)
  • Benefits
    • A comprehensive policy framework is crucial to ensure clarity and consistency throughout your company in terms of HR policy and practices
    • Helps all parties involved in the more delicate and sensitive HR matters in the company to understand their role & responsibilities and act accordingly
    • Clear guidelines and a consistent approach help to avoid energy and time-consuming legal proceedings
    • Well documented and standardized HR policies and practices increase employees' confidence in the HR function and therefore in their company


Employee Relations Policies
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Employee Relations Policies

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