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Change Management Toolkit

Change Management Toolkit

  • This toolkit brings you a step-by-step approach to manage any Change Project within your organization. From organizational readiness assessment and stakeholder analysis to change pulse surveys: you will find it here in ready-to-use formats.
  • All relevant forms and templates are included (MS Office formats), ready to be implemented when needed
  • All documents in one zip folder that you can download, customize and re-use as often as you want/need
  • All documentation is provided in English (US)
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  • When to use?
    • Your organization is facing some key changes in its Go-To-Market Offering or in the way the Business operates
    • Your Executive Management Team is driving a major Efficiency Program across all functions
    • You are part of a (Global) Task Force for implementing a new Enterprise-wide IT System
    • Your client is planning a new Acquisition soon, and asked you to set up a roadmap that will help all stakeholders to become aware, capable and willing towards the planned changes
  • Content table
    1. Change Management How-to-Guide: explains in detail the 4 major steps in managing the change within your organization successfully
    2. Change Scoping Tool - Template: offers you a framework for conducting face-to-face interviews with business leaders in a standardized and focused manner, with the intent of understanding all details of the Change Project
    3. Change Brief - Template: serves as a format for writing a concise Change Brief. This description of the Change Project can be used by all Management when asked to explain a specific change within their working area to their teams, whether impacted or not
    4. Change Stakeholder Analysis Tool - Template: can help you to identify the specific Stakeholder Needs relative to the degree in which they are impacted by the change and what you need them to do in the future as well as their Communication, Training, Organizational Change needs
    5. Change Impact Analysis - Worksheet: can be used to understand and define the impact of a specific project within the organization in order to define the necessary change focus and actions
    6. Change Readiness & Status Assessment - Survey: can be used to determine the organization’s readiness, willingness and capability to undertake and implement change
    7. Change Leadership Buy-in Workshop - Template: These workshop materials can be used for setting up and running a workshop with the Management to explain to them what the Change is all about and what their involvement could be
    8. Change Management Strategy - Template: can be used to develop and then formulate your own Change Management Strategy = a comprehensive approach for managing the change successfully, as a supporting set of activities that follow the overall Project Plan (timeline, milestones, ...)
    9. Change Management Structure & Roles - Template: defines the key change management roles as part of a predefined change management structure
    10. Change Management Planning Tool - Worksheet: consists of several worksheets and one overview sheet that indicates which steps to consider when planning all your change management activities
    11. Change Management Planning Workshop - Template: These slides can be used for setting up and running a workshop with (Change) Project Teams in order (1) to understand the change management requirements for the project (2) to plan activities to manage the change project and (3) to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the change management efforts
    12. HR Change Alignment Review Tool - Worksheet: can be used when you want to assess to what extent your HR activities (processes, policies, ...) and your HR organization have been impacted by a certain change in the organization
    13. Change Progress & Issues - Reporting Template: can help you to track and report on the performance of all kinds of change management activities with a focus on progress & issue escalation
  • Benefits
    • Change Management targets at creating awareness about the envisioned change, building commitment with all stakeholders,
      developing the required (leadership) behaviors for making the change sustainable, planning the organizational structural changes and related staffing
    • It helps you to ensure that all management is involved in and committed to the change and that potential benefits are visible across all stakeholder groups
    • A Change Management approach helps you to ensure that employees are involved through a period of change and potential uncertainty
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Change Management Toolkit
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Change Management Toolkit

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