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About Us

Developing 1 Toolkit requires over 1200 hours of fulltime brain capacity

The average time to develop - validate - test :

1,5 years

5 Easy steps that save you lots of time & efforts

  1. Type your searchword
  2. Select your products
  3. Buy what you like
  4. Download & Save
  5. Customize & Use

85% of our time searching the internet for quality documentation & templates is labeled by professionals as inefficient/waisted time

Average price of 1 toolkit =
< 1/2 day consultancy

We serve thousands of HR people globally

DILO = a day in the life of:

  • 20% of our time we scan the market for new HR Trends & Practices
  • 30% of our time we design new HR Toolkits
  • 30% of our time we support our customers through Consulting services
  • 10% of our time we invest in our own development

Our credo:

The only source of knowledge is experience by Einstein

Anne Van De Catsye's superpowers

Business trough change, leadership development and strategic HR planning, programs internationally

Tania De Bock's superpowers

Managing international HR Legal projects and Talent & Development programs across industries

Together they combine 40 years of HR experience

Founders of JIVE HR: Their own consultancy business and yes ... they boogie

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Anne    Tania
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